New obligations for airlines in Mexico.

Mexico's Department of Communications and Transports (“DCT”) published in the official journal on March 8, 2018, a temporary official standard NOM-EM-121-SCT3-2017 (the Standard) that becomes effective today, on certain provisions relating to (i) contracts of carriage by air, (ii) baggage identification tag and (iii) carriage of pets and service animals. The preamble of the Standard... Leer más →

Mexican consumer protection laws are becoming more stringent for air carriers.

In parallel with the amendment to the Mexican Civil Aviation Act (MCAA) by which additional obligations to compensate, care and indemnify passengers, were imposed to air carriers in case of a flight cancellation, delay and denied boarding (to know more about such an amendment please click here), the Mexican Federal Law of Consumer Protection (FLCP)... Leer más →

New rules as to air passenger rights in Mexico

On June 27, 2017, a decree that amended certain provisions of the Mexican Civil Aviation Act (“MCAA”) pertaining to air passenger rights came into effect (the “Decree”). New obligations were imposed to air carriers, some of which are listed below (article 42 Bis of the MCAA): A. In providing public air transport services, air carriers... Leer más →

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